Sue Mulcock

Having studied for a degree in Art and Design Textiles in Bradford, I developed a fascination for wool in many forms. I learned to spin and dye, initially for knitting, but on giving up a full-time teaching career around fifteen years ago I discovered felt and instantly saw its potential both for texture and colour, and for its use in two and three dimensional work.


The inspiration for my work ais the love of the natural world, its physical, eroded and organic form, and the light effects that can alter our perception and impressions of individual landscapes. I also enjoy looking in more details at the textures and surface details of rocks, trees, water etc – the elements that make up those landscapes.


The techniques I use involve hand-dying merino wool to give a range of shades, then working in, low relief to develop complex textures and details by dyeing and incorporating a variety of fibres and fabrics into a base-layer of individually laid tufts, ‘brush strokes’ of wool. After wet-felting this, I then emphasize the texture and depth of the piece with hand and machine stitching.


Although I still enjoy teaching children and adults, I find the major part of my time now is spent felt-making, my work having been exhibited and sold in galleries in Shropshire, North Wales and Erwood.