Linda Warrick

Linda Warrick’s ceramic birds are characterized by their elegance and purity of form. As well as being held in private collections in Europe, N. America and elsewhere, her work is exhibited in galleries throughout the U.K.

Each piece is individually hand built in porcelain. The next stage is burnishing, at least twice, which gives a particularly tactile appeal to the work. This is followed by biscuit firing and, lastly, sawdust smoking. The unique carbon markings which are produced by this technique give exciting possibilities with each and every firing.

Preparatory work for each new piece is always based on studying birds in their natural habitat. Other sources of inspiration are diverse and range from artefacts made by the earliest civilizations to contemporary architecture to beach debris.                                                                                      

Linda has recently received a ‘Highly Commended for Excellence’ award at the 2015 British Craft Trade Fair.