Janine Roper

I completed the Design Craft National Diploma at Bath City College in 2001 and continued my studies at Bath Spa University gaining a first class honours degree in ceramics in 2008. I joined the Gloucester Guild of Craftsmen  in 2009. As well as taking part in exhibitions with the Gloucester Guild I currently exhibit and sell my work in several galleries in England.


My work is screen printed using cobalt oxide, and then hand built. After the first firing the pieces are glazed and re-fired, which is when the magic happens as the beautiful colours of the oxide shine through. Most of the work is then finished with extravagant gold lustre.


My inspiration comes from my daily life both at home and when out visiting and walking the dog. My original print design is based on vintage “Sunday best” tea sets and other domestic items from my personal surroundings.


Since then I have introduced several new designs based on my own drawings made while I'm out and about, many of the trees, birds and plants that I use are inspired by the traditional willow pattern.