Verity Pulford



Verity Pulford is a glass artist living and working in rural North Wales.

She uses a variety of processes to create her work-combining kilnforming and architectural techniques in unique ways to create vessels, sculpture, installation, architectural and public art.

Verity’s work is inspired by organic structures- in particular the small details- the shapes and textures of algae, fungi, lichen, moss and ferns. She is also fascinated by the cataloging of nature- natural history artifacts, early cyanotypes, x-rays, microscopic images of the human body and botanical drawings.


The qualities of glass inspire Verity constantly, the fragility and strength, the transparency, opacity, ability to create layers, depth, pattern, texture- and all of this combined with the ability to transmit, reflect and channel light. Her work pushes at the boundaries of what is possible with the material, in combining different areas of glass making. Her work is unique and thought provoking.


Verity is a member of the Makers Guild in Wales and Design Nation.