Penny Little

I am a self-taught ceramicist and I hand-form my delicate vessels, bowls and vases out of black and white porcelain in my studio in Devon. I line my work with beautiful metallic platinum and gold lustre adding depth, reflection and celebration and I leave the exterior of each piece unglazed to create a tactile juxtaposition with the smooth 'molten-looking’ lustre interior. I never make anything bigger than I can comfortably create in my hand as I like to keep an unbroken connection to the clay. I am inspired by the making process; the way a tiny flick of an edge or a torn and folded side can suddenly complete a bowl and I like to honour that in my making. I also love the way light bounces and reflects differently inside each piece. My work is fluid, fine and asymmetrical and no two pieces are ever the same.

I have been making in clay since 2015 and I show my work nationally at craft festivals, exhibitions, shows and galleries. In 2018 I was awarded The Makers Choice Award at A Festival of Ceramics in Barnstaple.