Ian Stewart

Renown artist Ian Stewart openly admits that his failure keeping real Bonsai trees inspired his development of the techniques used to create his wire Bonsai tree sculptures.

After studying in Exeter, his artistic focus took him in the direction of graphite pencil work - with an affinity for portraits. It was only later in life that his passion for sculpting became apparent.

Up-cycling as much as possible is something Ian is passionate about, constantly looking for new and inventive materials to use as the base for his delicate sculptures without deviating from the aesthetics of the Bonsai form and style. Cornish slate, Dartmoor rock, Mopani wood and Oak burr bowls are just some of the materials that compliment the more traditional authentic Japanese pots used.

Each sculpture starts as a single length of wire and then wound into hundreds of individual strands which are painstakingly twisted into a very organic natural form, each tree taking on own its structure and strength.

Totally unique these sculptures are low maintenance. A small puff of air in the dusting process - Ian suggests a hair dryer on a cool setting would be sufficient, although with very little surface area the task is a minimal one.