Shaun Hall

Shaun studied under tutors including Paul Astbury, Emmanuel Cooper and Mo Jupp. His work is sculptural and subtly influenced by vessel forms. Shaun’s best work seems to bridge a passion for objects routed in antiquity with Modernist sculpture and design.

Whilst at university he was introduced to Raku and has been pursuing the technique ever since. In particular he’s become known for working with slab built sculptural ceramics combined with copper matte slips (possibly one of the most elusive Raku methods to perfect) or metallic lusture glazes.

He has exhibited in numerable exhibitions around the country. Notable clients have included Selfridges and Co who bought his graduate work and most recently Arrup Associates, architects. Shaun has featured in gallery exhibitions around the world, including Paris, Osaka and Kyoto, New Delhi and most recently in a world exhibition of Raku Potters at Sedona, Arizona, USA.