Jane Foot

Encaustic Artist

I live on the Gloucestershire - Herefordshire border (between Ross-on-Wye and Newent),  I have mainly lived in England, my heart and soul are proudly Welsh (thanks to a full set of Welsh parents and grandparents).

My work is ‘encaustic’, originating from the Greek word ‘enkaustikos’ meaning ‘to burn in’, as an art form it refers to the process by which pigmented molten beeswax is fused to the work’s surface. Traditional encaustic is an ancient medium - the earliest known examples of encaustic paintings are the life-sized Egyptian Fayum mummy portraits from the 1st Century BC. To create my encaustic work I use a mix of beeswax and damar resin; damar resin comes from a South East Asian tree, and is known to lift the spirit and is said to combat sadness, depression and melancholy.

The work I have here at Erwood uses collaged images embedded within the wax medium, fused in place using a heat gun or blow torch, and embellished with inks and oil sticks. For my larger pieces I build up the piece by methodically fusing layer upon layer of pigmented wax; the layers will then be incised, scraped back, smoothed or textured ... it is a highly physical and even meditative process which produces highly tactile artwork with an intriguing depth and luminosity.