Alan Perry

 After becoming dissatisfied with humdrum engineering jobs I decided to explore the possibilities of blacksmithing as a career change. I undertook several formal short courses on different aspects of traditional forging techniques, before setting up my own forge.

 Continual practice in my own workshop, occasional periods working for other blacksmiths and regular attendance at county shows and blacksmith events have combined to develop my skills and techniques. I enjoy the process of heating the uniform stock metal, either new or reclaimed, until it reaches a malleable state and then using hammer blows to transform it.

 Wherever possible I use traditional, ancient techniques in my work, although my forge blower is electric, not hand or foot pumped bellows, and my power hammer also runs on electric, not water or steam power as was once the case. 

Awards at the Royal Welsh show 2018

The 4 piece Dragon fire set won class 7 open Artist Blacksmith competition for any item of ironwork made by traditional methods. It also won best in show.

The Medullary dish won class 9 for any finished article of wrought ironwork £200 and over in value.

The second prize was for the live forging competition.

The B F Bollen Trophy for outstanding work in classes 9 and 10 together with RWAS Special Prize Card and the RWAS Special Prize for 'Competitors resident and workshop based in Wales.

The Walter Jones Cup and Certificate for the overall winner of classes 7 - 13 presented by the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths.