Jane Blair

Whilst on the move I make mental notes and sketch, being the keen walker that I am. A combination of these drawings and my imagination is the route of my creations. Characters interact or have a chat on my individual sculptural pieces. Life inspires what I make.


Since digging up clay and building a fire to cook my work in as a spring chicken, I have never lost the fascination of creating something impermeable from a completely raw material. I studied for my ceramics degree at Cardiff College of Art and have always been a maker at different levels, depending on family and teaching commitments. Latterly I have taught Art and Pottery in junior schools in and around Bristol. I have sold in galleries in the South West mainly and exhibited widely in Arts Trails and exhibitions.


I use a red earthenware clay which not only has a lovely feel to it but also suits my method of working. I decorate the pieces with slip, highlighting the relief and textures. I like this clean, uncluttered way of decorating without colour to confuse the details.